Meet Saphira

The Story:

Saphira grew up in quiet suburban Maryland. At a young age, she traveled with her family to Israel for her father’s sabbatical. The experience touched her so that she decided to stay and live in Israel. Saphira completed her B.A. at IDC Herzylia in psychology and became an outspoken advocate to empower young women. In fact, she initiated programs for middle school age girls with the goal of helping them to believe in themselves.

Although, Saphira was enthusiastic and happy to be living, studying and growing as a young adult in Israel, something was missing. Inspired by the countless women in Israel who have made a difference, she too felt it was her turn, to make a contribution and to make a difference.

Once on a date overlooking the Dead Sea, with her now husband, Aviad Greenberg, Saphira thought, “dead sea minerals are great for the skin, why not for the hair?” Through extensive research, her gut feelings were validated. In addition, Saphira felt the paucity of quality hair care products on the market and dreamed of creating a luxury hair care line that sent an immediate message of feeling beautiful, just by looking at the packaging.

The unique blend of the 26 minerals found in the Dead Sea, were proven to be healing, restorative and nourishing for all types of hair. In 2011, Saphira LLC became the first female owned company to use minerals from the Dead Sea for the hair.

After securing worldwide distribution of the Saphira boutique brand, Saphira is very excited to open the first Saphira Salon in the world.

About Saphira

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